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Our website is now Live.

It is very basic and awaiting content, but I wanted to share it with you all and gain some feedback!


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The Call of the North… An Introduction

Hail friends and followers,

I thought I’d begin with a little explanation of how I personally came to the Norse Pagan Path.

I have been a practicing Pagan for over 20 years – since the age of 11 in fact – and in that time I have been both a Solitary and a Priestess for an active eclectic Pagan Circle.

I was a Wiccan in my early days, then an eclectic Celtic Pagan, then I was drawn to the Avalonian Pagan Path – though I found it too absent of the Divine Masculine – and now I have found my way headed Northwards.

I have spent my hibernating Winter months exploring this path further, studying, practicing and I am finally ready to talk about my experiences and where this journeying has led me.


Last year I had a very vivid dream where I followed my Wolf guide Jacob (who I have worked with for 16 years) up a large, snow-capped mountain. At the top of the mountain I was met by a striking female aspect of the Goddess, wearing thick animal furs and with a scar across her face.

She appeared to be rather formidable, but not intimidating. I asked her who she was, and just as I began to be pulled out of the dream into wakefulness I heard one very clear, very distinct word. A name. Skadi.

Now I knew very little about Skadi, other than the fact that she is a Norse Jotun (Giant) Goddess of Winter who had an unsuccessful marriage to Njordh – the God of the Ocean.

I had seen depictions of her in some of my favourite Tarot / Oracle decks – often depicted as a Shamanistic Goddess of the Sami people.

To begin with I filed the experience away and thought I’d address it at a later date.

But Skadi had other ideas. I dreamt of her again, this time she was the guide – leading me to a great wooden hall (what I now know was a Long house). Within the hall sat a woman. No, not a woman. A Goddess. A beautiful, calming, motherly – loving yet firm, energy that filled me. Again I woke, but I was not sure who I had met in my dreams.

I meditated on this latest visit and came to understand that Skadi was not the Goddess who was trying to connect to me – she was the guide. Jacob has taken me to her, and she in turn had taken me to what I now recognise as Fensalir… the Hall of Mists (hello Avalon connection…) and the Goddess who I had felt overwhelming love for was Frigga, the AllMother.

I felt like Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir had been dropped from the sky onto the Path before me… not unlike this beautiful artwork whose creator I wish I knew!


I began to read about the Norse Pagan Path – Asatru as it is sometimes called.

It is a branch of Paganism that I had never really studied beyond a little Rune work and the names of a few of the Gods and Goddess.

The Norse Pagan path has unfortunately attracted quite a bad press over recent years because of a number of Neo-Nazi / White supremacist groups (especially in the US) had taken to calling themselves Odinists/ Heathens/Folkists and using their online community groups to promote racists and homophobic ideals.

I am completely against this, so had avoided this particular avenue of the Path.

But in my studying I have found that there are plenty of Universalist (not Folkish) groups and individuals out there and actually, the Norse Pagan Path is a beautiful, comfortable, naturally, earthy and informal type of Pagan Practice that I have come to feel incredibly at home with.

After devouring the Myths, Prose and Poetic Eddas, reading essay after essay and as many books as I could get my hands on (my wish list is still large…) I began to practice some basic Heathen Ritual and Seidr in order to form a bond with the Gods and Goddesses of this new Path.

In particular, I have focused my attention on Frigga because she is the Lady of the Hall of Mists who had called to me.

I practiced weekly Blots (rituals of offering) to the Allfather, Odin, and the AllMother, Frigga as well as to the Ancestors (The Alfar – the male ancestors, and the Disir – the female ancestors) and to the LandWights (spirits of the land on which we dwell).

I then began Pathworking Meditations to visit Frigga in her Hall Fensalir, and began to form a bond with her. She told me that she has come forward now that I am a Mother, and the sole breadwinner in my family, to help me keep me home and hearth in order and to help me to develop my confidence in Motherhood. This is something which I have struggled with, so it made sense to me as soon as she said it that she is a Matron guide for this particular time in my life.

At the Equinox I performed a Norse Ritual with a Blot and Sumble Ceremony with my Husband and our soul sister Moonstream, and it was beautiful. It was relaxed, funny, comfortable and it felt very natural to me.

I have since marked the recent Full Moon in a similar way with my husband, dedicating it to the Vanir – the Fertility and Prosperity Gods Freyr and his Twin flame/sister Freyja, and the relative ease to which I am becoming accustomed to this style of Ritual has had such an impact on my Spirituality. I feel renewed and reinvigorated.

Avalon is still a place of important signifcance to me. If it had not been for the ways of Avalon, I do not think I would have such a bond with the Divine Feminine – which includes Frigga.

The fact that her hall Fensalir is the hall of Mists, and she is its Lady, also speaks volumes to me. There is also a new Norse Pagan store in my beloved Glastonbury called ShieldMaiden. I am hoping to visit on my new pilgrimage and get myself a Mjolnir pendent.

I wear a Yggdrasil Tree pendant on a daily basis now, and my husband gifted me with a Vegvisir – a Viking Compass pendent.


Our Hearth Altar now at home is Dedicated to the Norse Gods, and I gain comfort sitting before it every evening – even if it’s just for a few moments.

So inspired have I been that I have created a new Facebook group to support myself and others who are interested in the Norse Pagan Path. This blog is part of that support system. A website is also in-the-making.



I just wanted to share with you all what an incredible time I am having exploring a new aspect to my Spirituality – and how much Joy and Happiness it is bringing me, and to welcome you all here to the Blog by telling you a little bit more about myself.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the Spring!

May Day / Beltane / Walspurgis is next – bring on the Summer!

Hail to all, May the Gods Bless you and Keep you and yours in health, love & prosperity!


Welcome to the Kindred

Welcome to Frigga’s Hearth Kindred!

Frigga’s Hearth is an online support Kindred for those studying or practicing the Norse Pagan Path, Asatru, Seidr & Runeworking. Specifically, it is for those new and old to the Northern way, and is open to all practitioners regardless of background, race, age, gender or sexuality. We are not a hate group and we will not tolerate abuse or bigotry in any form.
We agree with Declaration 127.

Our main mode of communication at the moment is our Facebook Group however we are working on a website to accompany the Blog!

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We are a space for those who may not feel comfortable in some of the bigger Norse Pagan / Asatru groups and who wish to discuss the Spiritual connections to the Norse Gods & Goddesses, the Aesir and the Vanir, the Disir and the Alfar and the Landwights with supportive and like-minded individuals.

Any discriminatory dialogue will not be tolerated. Especially posts that are deemed racist (inclusive of Folkish or Volkisch ideals), sexist, homophobic, or otherwise prejudicial.

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